About Phygicart

Phygicart E-Commerce LLC launched in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates on October 2nd, 2016, and expanded the journey in India (Phygicart E-Commerce India Pvt Ltd) on July 8th, 2018. Phygicart is the world’s 1st E-Commerce Portal with People Participation thru Direct Selling.

Phygicart E-Commerce LLC, Dubai is an approved member of the Direct Selling Association of UAE (DSA) and Phygicart E-Commerce India Pvt Ltd Approved by Consumer Affairs ministries of Union and State Governments who are the controlling body of Direct Selling Industry in India.

Phygicart.com works as a backbone with a customer-friendly frontend ecom with a powerful back-office for tracking customer journeys clearly mapping the touchpoints. As a customer one can shop from this portal that displays products with reasonable and genuine pricing. Phygicart.com follows both an inventory model and a managed marketplace model. In the inventory model, products are sourced from brands and stored in the Phygicart warehouse. In the managed marketplace model, Phygicart provides marketing, logistics and delivery.

This platform offers referral income to all partner stores thru a customer network model. All partner stores are replicated web links ofwww.phygicart.com. We are an eCommerce model with powerful customer mapping as the backbone. Since this is a direct selling business model we follow all the guidelines recommended by the Government.

Phygicart Management Team & Our Patrons